Yamli launches translate.. better UI than Google’s

Yamli launches translate.. better UI than Google’s

Yamli, the Arabic transliteration and search tool, has launched what they call Yamli Translation Project. I call it, super cool!

In case you dropped off the planet for a couple of years, Yamli was the first Arabic transliteration tool that allowed users to input text in Latin and automatically translate that text into Arabic while allowing them to run an online search in that language.

Yamli Translation Project puts Google’s translate tool to shame because it takes one more thing into consideration: users! Yamli’s insight is that people don’t just translate content to read it, but to write it and share it as well.

Machine translation is bad. We all know it, and we live with it. Yamli decided to do something about it and allow users to edit the translated content so it makes sense without having the users go back and forth between a text editor and the translation tool. Heck, they even integrated their Yamli transliteration conversion tool into the Arabic editor just to add the cherry on top!

Check it out at http://yamli.com/translate and please, share your feedback below. We’d all love to hear what you think about it, for the benefit of all of us!

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