Newthink Theater launched in Jordan Today

Newthink Theater launched in Jordan Today

Newthink Theater,  an initiative promoting idea sharing in a format similar to TED, launched today with an impressive line-up of videos.

Maher Kaddoura, the man behind Newthink Theater, previously led Accenture, the global IT and management consulting company, in the Middle East. He has a proven ability to drive change at a national level, most recently he led Hikamt al Muroor, which resulted in a 32% drop in road-deaths in Jordan!

Newthink Theater is likely to have a similar impact on innovation in Jordan. One of the more popular videos on the site features Maher interviewing Ghassan Nuqul, vice-chairman of the Nuqul Group (makers of the seemingly ubiquitous “Fine” tissues). Enjoy, he has a way with words:

I love Denmark. They used to be Vikings but now they are small.

Small, but US$340 billion (Dh1.24 trillion) in GDP, number one in happiness, number four in innovation.

They invented Lego, designed the Sydney Opera House, they make the best wind turbines – but they are this tiny little country. They have embraced being small.

So we need to embrace being small. We need to become the more-with-less nation.

From an interview in The National by Tom Gara.

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