Another one bites the dust: Egypt blocks Skype!

Another one bites the dust: Egypt blocks Skype!

No SkypeLooks like Egypt doesn’t mind being on the list of the 12 Internet Enemies. A few days ago, people reported problems logging in to Skype through their Vodafone 3G stick modems. That didn’t arise much suspicion, since websites and applications seem to behave erratically when connected through the modem. 

This morning, a call placed to Vodafone’s customer service indicated that Telecom Egypt is going to block Skype in Egypt, and that it’s out of their hands. After repeated calls from various people to Vodafone’s customer service, they were told “Skype is being blocked since 13th March based on an order from Telecom Egypt.”

Up until now logging in to Skype via iPhone and iPod touch through Vodafone and other networks is allowed.

Whether this will be a permanent decision, or it will be reversed like the much-debated Internet Fair Usage Policy – only time will tell!


Vodafone Egypt confirms blockage. Indirectly confirms for other mobile networks but up till now, no official word from either Mobinil or Etisalat.

It (Skype) is blocked on any of Egyptian mobile network in Egypt & you can’t use it through mobile internet or data SIM based on NTRA decision but you can use it through Vodafone ADSL or any ADSL service normally.

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