Media fluff rising:

Media fluff rising:

Music Nation LogoAs the world debates on whether or not the online magazine model will prevail over traditional print, Music Nation & Rotana Media Services have said their word, online publishing is where the money’s at, or at least thats the case with is an online magazine covering regional ‘Dish’ Pop culture, covering such topics as Haifa’s recent Valentine’s Day plans and whether or not Brangelina got divorced in addition to some fashion, latest music releases and streaming video of the region’s top Pop stars.

Today I can say with confidence that the online fluff industry is thriving, with the recent soar of fleshy pop culture via satellite channels this market seems to have a lot to feed on. RMS is MusicNation’s main Media Partner according to its CEO Khaled Agha, making them a serious startup providing content to, well, give us something to rant about.

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