Be yourself with Wajhy – Avatars from the Middle East!

Be yourself with Wajhy – Avatars from the Middle East! LogoIf you’re on any kind of Social Network, Forum, or an IM user, I highly suggest you read on.

Ever since Face Your Manga appeared and a storm of funny Japanese looking avatars took over my Facebook friends network, I joined the crowd. Today, I bring you a Middle-Eastern avatar tool, behold Wajhy!

The cool thing about Wajhy, is that it lets you express yourself as a contemporary Arab. Be that a power-dresser in a white suit and tanktop  or a conservative burgu3 (face-covering) and a dishdash! And that’s just for women. Arab guys get everything from the 3gal (Arabian headgear famous in the Gulf) to the baseball cap. Below is comparison of an avatar of mine created using Face Your Manga and Wajhy. Which is which is quite obvious.

My face made with Faceyourmanga
My face made with Wajhy

The service is still in Beta – so bugs are lurking. But nothing too serious to kill your buzz. I’m even certain the creators would love to hear some feedback.

Show us what you came up with in the comments section!

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