No News is Bad News

No News is Bad News

nopicOne of the main reasons why I enjoy being the editor of the Next Web Middle East is because I love bringing worthy Middle East related tech news to the world.

I love discovering it. I love talking about it. But when you’re going around all day trying to find something worth mentioning, you start realizing: there isn’t much going on out there!

Can someone please launch something new or come up with a cool idea? Break the Internet for crying out loud!
One would assume that within a region of a population of over 200 million people, we can find at least one cool thing every day.

If you think you’ve done something that’s worth sharing with the rest of us, why the heck haven’t you told us yet?

Come on people.. start innovating and screaming about it – or our rants are going to get longer!

So how do you reach us?

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