YallaStartup! Offers Six Lucky Winners an Entrepreneurship Course

YallaStartup! Offers Six Lucky Winners an Entrepreneurship Course

200px-Playing_card_spade_6.svgA few weeks ago we told you all about YallaStartup!, an interesting initative that was set up by Elie Khoury (Woopra), Habib Haddad (Yamli) and Sami Shalabi (Google/ Zingku); three of the rising Entrepreneurial stars in the Middle East & North Africa region (MENA).

At the time, YallaStartup! was offering some lucky entrepreneurs the opportunity to take a six month entrepreneurship course offered by Potential, worth $2000, for free. Once a week course participants meet online for a few hours, allowing participants from all over the region to participate.

The results are in. Six lucky winners from across the region had been selected by the team at YallaStartup! with priority given to those who have had no formal education in entrepreneurship, or who have not had the opportunity to be exposed to entrepreneurship.

Tariq Al-Olaimy from Bahrain;  Muhammad Basheer from Qatar; Abdallah Absi from Lebanon; Muneeb Hussain from Morocco; Beshr Kayali from Syria and Firas Steitiyeh from Jordan

So, heed the call and YallaStartup! The region’s entrepreneurs have never had it this good!

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