Exclusive: Middle East Entrepreneurs, Now It’s Your Turn.

Exclusive: Middle East Entrepreneurs, Now It’s Your Turn.

YallaStartup_LogoYallaStartup is a new Middle East based community supporting, you guessed it, startups!

I was fortunate to have a quick informal chat with Habib Haddad, one of the founders of YallaStartup (and the creator of Yamli).

Before we delve into more details, the need to explain Yalla is imminent. Yalla is an Arabic word meaning let’s go. This is one of the best initiatives so far to support and encourage startups in the Middle East.

The fantastic three: Habib Haddad, Elie Khoury (founder of Woopra) and Sami Shalabi (MIT, Google, IBM) identified the main problem with startups in the Middle East and decided to do something about it!

The lack of basic support from investors in the Middle East, along with the lack of connections between the investors and the entrepreneurs seems to be the main problem. The solution: a hands-on approach to helping startups through every step from funding to marketing to getting them the right connections… even linking them to handset manufacturers is their mission. Impossible? Definitely worth a try!

They are the party hosts, and entrepreneurs are the guests. And the guests are up for a great Christmasy welcome package. For a start, free entrepreneurship courses worth $2,000. The catch? None. Just send a copy of your resume and/or bio with a short paragraph describing why you think you should attend the class to [email protected]. More here.

With such a varied mix of expertise, TNW Middle East can wishes them the best of luck and knows they’re going to make it! The Middle East has so much potential.

Interested in being a mentor and advising? Get in touch with them at [email protected]

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