Dubai Metro gets WiMAX

Dubai Metro gets WiMAX

metroIf you’re one of the commuters who use the Dubai Metro, you’d be happy to hear that you can now access the country’s first WiMAX network while onboard.

Motorola and du, UAE’s new telecom operator, have joined forces to implement the WiFi solution to handle data traffic on the recently launched Dubai Metro transport system train carriages as well as in the Metro stations.

Traveling at speeds of up to 90km/hr, passengers can enjoy using their mobile devices or laptops via WiFi as of today.

With such a high mobile penetration in the country, we cannot but question the real need for such an investment into additional connectivity. That is one really expensive PR initiative – unless both Motorola and du forgot to mention that the service is not free of charge. We’d love to hear from someone who’s given it a try.

If you care to know more about how Motorola and du are so great and have created such a wonderful achievement, head over to the full press release »

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