UAE multimedia portal going live.. on your TV?

UAE multimedia portal going live.. on your TV?

Emirates RevealedThe Image Maker has announced, the largest photo and video interactive portal dedicated to images of the United Arab Emirates.

The announcement seems to somehow contradict the previous mention of this project back in March of this year where UAE telecom operator du announced its partnership with Discovery Studios to create a documentary entitled – you guessed it – Emirates Revealed!

Metamorphosis of a project, anyone?

The majority of the designers in the UAE would agree that the portal, if it stands up to its promise, is well overdue. Locating good UAE footage (and specifically Abu Dhabi ones) has proven to be quite a challenge unless you’re looking for the traditional camel, falcon, dunes and maybe some more camels. Run a search for ‘Abu Dhabi’ on iStock Photo and you’ll be prompted to correct your fault and alternatively search for ‘AB Dubai’.

The announcement coincides with UAE National Day on 2 December.

Which is it going to be? Yet another documentary or a multimedia library featuring everything you’ve ever wanted? Pray it’s not somewhere in between.

The portal’s currently under-construction website and logo do not look promising. Pigeon? Seriously?!

Looks like the dawn of the digital patriotic era might reveal itself tomorrow. Remember to check it out and, while you’re at it, prepare yourself for the biggest fireworks display at an attempt to break the current Guinness World Record.

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