Twitter/Facebook on Xbox Live – is it worth it?

Twitter/Facebook on Xbox Live – is it worth it?

xboxlive-previewA couple of years ago, I decided to put my issues with Microsoft aside and add an Xbox 360 to my life. Not a big gamer myself, I use the Xbox as my media center and it’s been getting better and better, especially with the introduction of Windows 7 Media Center. The way I see the Xbox is an optimized way to watch vidoes on TV!

Twitter and Facebook in a single-tasking environment is really not that practical. So you quit everything and go into Facebook.. look at your friends’ status and pics and then.. switch to Twitter and do the same. Seriously?

Why is Microsoft not thinking again? It would be great to have a small notification pop up every time a new tweet appears. I’d prefer that over the overly frequent ‘disconnected from Xbox Live’ notifications! It’s intriguing that Microsoft is giving more attention in their beta feedback to the quality of streaming video from the Zune Marketplace where I’m asked to organize a movie night and watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Join us for another Zune Movie Night.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Sunday, November 1st at 8 PM (your local time-zone)

NOTE: This movie is not available for free. You will need to use points to view this films

That’s a bit pushy, don’t you think? It’s beyond me why Microsoft does not ask people how they would use these features in the first place. “Here’s how it works, enjoy the privileged update, but tell us how the video quality is.”

Cancel your plans, need to test the streaming quality tonight. No you can’t tweet what you’re watching, we’d have to start the movie all over again.

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