dvb-hDVB-H is set to launch in the UAE by end of 2010 with an exclusive license that cost $4.6 million. Did somebody just wake up and realize they’ve got loads of cash to spend? It’s the recession for crying out loud!

DVB-H?! Really? So the two UAE-based and dearly loved operators Etisalat and Du are going to have 10 years of exclusivity to broadcast content exclusively from DMI (Dubai Media Incorporated) and ADMC (Abu Dhabi Media Company). What exactly is exclusive about this? These are the only 2 operators and 2 media groups in this country and they’re all government owned (yes, our third AMG is running out of channels). It’s not an invite-only party when everyone’s already there.

Let’s get this straight.. the government owned party of 2 operators and 2 media groups have paid the government owned Telecom Regulatory Authority $4.6 million for an exclusive license to broadcast DVB-H.

Dubai Racing channel streaming live soon on a phone near you! That’s if you have a compatible phone like the discontinued Nokia N77 or the plastic fantastic N96. Burn your BlackBerry, trash your iPhone and get on the DVB-H bandwagon.

But cheer up! We’re going to have terrestrial mobile TV. We don’t have terrestrial TV but who cares when you have it on your mobile? And you thought that TV-out cable for your phone would never come in handy!

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