Issue v1.7 – Want: Books


Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind

Whether you’re an active yogi looking to increase your mental capacity for relaxation, or purely just interested in the benefits Zen relaxation can offer, Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind, is one of our top picks. A remake of an originally-published manuscript, the paperback (or iBook, if you’d rather) details proper posture, breathing and general Zen-like perception in a way that’s relatable for anyone. Use it as inspiration for your practice, whatever it might be. The possibilities are limitless.

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Tina Fey: Bossypants

If you’ve ever wondered how it would feel to squirt milk out of your nose while simultaneously telling everyone about how you wish Tina Fey would be your BFF, Bossypants might be the book for you. Tina Fey’s dry but relatable humor translates through every single one of her life experiences, from discussing her relationship with dad Don Fey to talking about ‘making it’ and working with true best friend Amy Poehler. This book is one for your shelf, but pick it up if you need to just kick back and chuckle.

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Mindful Meditations

Meditating isn’t just for Buddhist monks anymore. Enter a world where mindful awareness – the process of opening oneself up to a heightened level of attentiveness and physical/mental well-being is key. Mindful Meditations is a series of active podcasts designed to transform your body and mind into a meditative state simultaneously using awareness practices. Best of all, they’re all free, so what are you waiting for? Click the referral link and download your way to a more awakened state.

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Stumbling on Happiness

Are we deeply satisfied, or are we still wishing for something else, something better? Brilliant and witty Harvard psych Dan Gilbert takes our imagination and illusions, two very non-tactical senses, and translates them, worries intact, into a deep dive of cognitive dissonance and behavioral economics – even we can’t wrap our head around those two.
In Stumbling on Happiness, though, Gilbert uses these topics to show his readers (that’s you, if you were paying attention!) just how uniquely imaginable and fulfilled we have the capacity to become. Be amazed.

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Yoga Cures

Whether you have chronic migraines or just a chronic anxiety issue, Tara Stiles’ iBook proves there’s a Yoga Cure for that. Her engaging and refreshing approach to poses (A-Z, please!) ensures that a pose a day truly might keep the doctor away. Hey, you never know.

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