Issue v1.7 – Startups to follow


Beta List helps you discover and get early access to the latest internet startups. Whether you want to keep an eye on the competition, reserve your username or simply like to try out the latest technology Beta List has got you covered.

Below you’ll find a selection of this month’s startups curated by Beta List founder Marc Köhlbrugge. Visit to discover more startups.


Fittic is an active training plan library that will help you identify workouts and routines aimed at achieving your training goals. Every Fittic training plan outlines starting points, progress indicators, and end goals for runners looking to complete anything from a 5k to a full marathon.



PublicBeta is an online learning community for entrepreneurs. We believe that being an entrepreneur is hard work, but when we succeed (as entrepreneurs) that we can solve some of the world’s biggest and most challenging problems. As such, we’re working with some incredible and successful entrepreneurs to share their knowledge and experience to empower the next wave of entrepreneurs who aim to make a dent in the universe.



Lookback is a user experience collecting platform that lets you understand your users on a whole new level. Integrate Lookback’s SDK in your app to record the screen, touches, sound and facial expressions of your beta testers. These recordings – or experiences, as we call them – are then compiled and presented to you in our sexy web UI.



Surge empowers the fan to select the next up and coming musical talent by allowing them to vote up or down on unsigned artists music. Each genre will display the best talent based upon the crowd’s votes.



Mealmete makes following your diet easy. It improves your eating process by measuring the rate you eat at, measures the weight of the meal consumed and with a little input tracks the intake of calories. Knowing not only calories intake, but also your pace of eating makes a big difference to your health. With Mealmete you can do both with minimal effort.







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