Issue v1.5 – WANT: Apps


The cool thing about an iPad magazine is that you can download all of the apps that we review here with a single click.


…Okay, we’re not suggesting you actually climb Mount Everest. But after a few days of using this app, you might be inspired enough to start training to overcome your own personal mountain. That’s essentially what the app’s creators are trying to do, really: allow users a hub to

Looking to finish a 5K without stopping, or want to start your own consulting biz, Everest allows you to track the goal and finally, well, finish it. Step streaks keep you motivated and your Facebook-imported connections will keep you committed. What’s not to love? Compatible with virtually every version of iPhone, Apple lovers are in luck this time around (sorry – it’s not available outside the US).

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Fitness is really about 20% exercise, 80% nutrition. The founders of LarkLife are embracing the stat we wish weren’t true by creating a band (and app) that works to improve the following: sleep, diet and overall productivity. Start out with LarkLife, then advance to LarkLife pro once you’ve tapped into optimal ratios for sleep, diet and exercise. Every day – and hour – counts.

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Recommended by luxury fitness brand Equinox’s president, Sarah Robb O’Hagan as one of her top 5 fitness apps, we get why. Sign up for Fitocracy, upload your most basic health and wellness stats (age, BMI, etc.) and immediately begin seeing your progress through a series of features that allow you to log miles, personal records and embrace new challenges, like your fifth-straight day of yoga in a row. Share your passion for fitness in the most fun way; by engaging with other like-minded fitness junkies (we know you’re out there!).

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Nike+ Running App

This app actually isn’t a new Nike phenomenon, but with all of its new roll-outs and the incredible ability to sync up to your heartbeat or your shoe, hardcore runners just keep rejoicing. And the app’s user-friendly interface, built-in cheering system (male or female voice alerts, take your pick!) and aerial map view ensure you’ll be going the distance with this app. Plus, it’s free.

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Hot trainer not enough for you? Yeah, us either. The GymPact app motivates you to work out through financial-based incentives you decide are worth the extra side cramp in your bi-weekly nighttime Vinyasa yoga. As you log workouts, you’ll earn rewards based on the workouts level of intensity, type and length. Pledge bucks to motivate your next sweat session, and soon enough, you’ll be raking in the cash. Consequently, miss a workout? You’ll be charged for it, so choose wisely which nights you skip out on (if any).

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Instant Heart Rate

Now we’ve seen everything. This free app can literally track your heart rate and provide a reading within seconds. Simply place your index finger on the camera lens – weird but effective – and wait for the results, which you can store for up to a week in the app’s data center. Named the best health and fitness app of 2011 and revered by the likes of health expert Dr. Oz, take control of your health in the most literal way. Guaranteed to make your heart beat a little quicker due to excitement.

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Sleep Alarm Clock

This one’s 99 cents, but more than worth it. Never wake up feeling unrested again, because the Sleep Alarm Clock wakes you up – with your favorite tunes plucked from your iPod or iPhone, if you prefer – when you’re sleeping the lightest for maximum effect. Even better, you’ll wake up feeling rested with a catalogued diagram of your sleep chart(s) throughout the night and the past few nights as well. Thanks to a team of meticulous web developers and sleep experts, you don’t have to stick electrodes to your head to determine whether you’re getting healthier and more well- rested. There’s an app for that.

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Pedometers, be gone. Pop it in your back pocket, the app suggests, and dramatically see the results of your exercise (or non-exercise). App Moves records your exercise on a daily, even hourly basis. Start committing to a healthier lifestyle with the click of an app by seeing steps logged, average routes you take and your day-to-day activity speed. Are you a couch potato at lunchtime when you could be logging 20 miles of cardio? Time to find out! Download for free in any App Store, from the UK to Africa.

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