Issue v1.5 – Startups to follow

Issue v1.5 – Startups to follow

Beta List helps you discover and get early access to the latest internet startups. Whether you want to keep an eye on the competition, reserve your username or simply like to try out the latest technology Beta List has got you covered.

Below you’ll find a selection of this month’s startups curated by Beta List founder Marc Köhlbrugge. Visit to discover more startups.


LifeGym is a free app that encourages users to maintain a healthy active lifestyle by going to the gym. Each day, the app sends users a challenge which involves the user completing a simple task at their local gym. Each completed task earns the user points. Concurrently, a reward is promoted each week which users can “buy” with points earned. Rewards include make-up, skin care products, shoes, personal trainer sessions, gym discounts, and many others.


Bex is a platform that allows anyone to own their own Bitcoin Exchange. We do the tech. You do the rest.



OOcharts is a super simple API for Google Analytics that securely fetches analytics data. Users can then display, report, or embed the stats in a dashboard for a client, CMS, web app, or anywhere else.



Qriffic is a queue management app to better service your waiting customers using their mobile phone and SMS technology.

qriffic is an analytics platform allowing startups to track the metrics that actually matter. Looking at acquisition, activation, retention, revenue and referrals allows a startup to grow effectively by applying Lean Analytics and Lean Startup principles.




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