Issue v1.3 – WANT: Movies


One Hour Photo
In One Hour Photo, Robin Williams is Sy Parrish, a loner technician at a one-hour photo lab in a mall. This suspenseful and edgy almost-thriller details Sy’s obsession with the Yorkin family, a cute suburban threesome whom he’s only truly learned about through developing photographs. Sy begins to think of himself as the family’s favorite ‘Uncle Sy’, and duplicates the Yorkin’s prints, always keeping an extra set for himself. After Sy finds out more about the family through an additional set of prints, he decides to remedy the wrongs himself.

A truly mind-boggling flick that’ll make you think twice about getting your next set of prints developed – and think twice about just who is watching you.

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Rear Window
Hitchcock is brilliant, no doubt, but Rear Window’s making was truly one of genius. Pro photographer Jeff Jeffries breaks his leg and retreats to a wheelchair – and his window. Day after day, Jeffries watches the private dramas of his neighbors play out in real-time. One day, Jeffries sees a secret unfold and enlists the help of his gorgeous girlfriend (Grace Kelly) to uncover the chain of events leading up to a murder. One of the most gripping films of its era, and one of Hitchcock’s best of all time.

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The words ‘heartbreaking’ and ‘thriller’ don’t usually go together – but in this case, Memento is both. Guy Pearce is Leonard, a man with a bizarre case of amnesia: ever since his wife’s brutal murder, he’s unable to form new memories or remember anything (or anyone) he comes across. Which then begs the questions: who killed his wife? What is reality and what’s a figment of his shattered subconscious? The answers may change, but Leonard pursues his wife’s murderer relentlessly through the pieces he picks up along the way. Christopher Nolan did with Memento what most directors only dream of: created a plot that thickens by the second, and makes you want to watch it again and again, with equally piqued interest.

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A cute little flick – and consequently, nominated for 5 Academy Awards, Amelie, directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, is the story of a waitress at a tiny café in the heart of Paris. After discovering a secret, her life is transformed and she dedicates her time to philanthropic community efforts and helping people find happiness in unexpected ways. But can Amelie continue to keep herself happy while trying to do it all?

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City of God
When you think of Rio de Janeiro, what comes to mind? We bet it isn’t low-rent photography and high-class drugs. Travel through what critics call ‘a chronic of crime’ in City of God: Brazil in the 1960s, beautiful but disastrous. Gangs rival each other under a sun blazing bright, but one man (Rocket) wants no part of it. Pictures are his passion, and he intends to hold onto them…even if, at the end of the riveting flick, that’s all he’s truly holding onto at all. Starring smaller actors like Alexandre Rodrigues and Douglas Silva, City of God is unmissible, and best of all, unforgettable.

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