Issue v1.2 – The Web’s Best Videos


Over Wappzapp

WappZapp is your personal online TV guide, helping you to find and follow the best online video to watch it any time you want, on any screen. Changing the way we watch TV in the future, WappZapp is currently only available for Dutchies on iPhone and iPad, but coming your way in the near future!

1) Building a game layar on top of the world

By now, we’re used to letting Facebook and Twitter capture our social lives on the web — building a “social layer” on top of the real world.

2) A Brief History of Videogames

An abridged history of video games in under three minutes. Made using only sounds, music and video from the video games themselves. How far we’ve come.

3) You can’t fool me!

Animals love to play games. But whatever is being played cats always like to be on top of their game. Even in this quick game of shell, there’s that very familiar cat-face again: “Is that all you’ve got for me?”

4) Watch this video and you will live 7 minutes longer!

Game designer Jane McGonigal dove into the scientific research and created the healing game, SuperBetter. In this moving talk, she tells her secret – and promises to add 7.5 minutes to your life!

5) Games we play

Remember all those games you used to play in your head? Propably we all played them, but we never really dared to talk about them…

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