Issue v0.12 – Letter from the editor

Issue v0.12 – Letter from the editor

Technology used to be a thing you might be interested in. You might invest in it or your business might have a technology component. These days technology is everywhere and touches everything.

Technology is changing our lives, jobs, countries, economies and hobbies. Like winter sports. You could argue that skiing has always been about technology. Ever since the first guy in Sweden (4500 BC) strapped on a 85 centimeter piece of wood, and used a single pole to push himself across a snow-swept landscape, we have been tweaking and innovating and advancing technology. We want to go faster, higher and be safer.

A few years ago I owned a pair of skis with piezoelectric sensors and an actuator control system that stiffened, or loosened, the ski based on the kind of snow it was sensing I was on. Since then we’ve seen goggles with built-in computers, apps that help you track your speed and talk to your friends on the slopes, and new types of skis that split in half or have a flexible back.

Snow is a natural phenomena but we manage to combine our sense of adventure with our thirst for innovation and turn winter sports into a game of both innovation and enjoyment.

As avid snow lovers, it made total sense for us to spend a whole issue diving deep into the topic. We looked at the latest gadgets, talked to the professionals and even partnered up with a ski app builder who helped us get a look behind the scenes (Thanks Snowciety!) to produce this latest edition of TNW Magazine.

We hope you enjoy it, sitting next to a fireplace, in between skiing or snowboarding or ice skating. And maybe it will also inspire another fiery discussion between snowboarders and skiers about whether that first Swedish innovator invited the ski, or the snowboard. Think about it…

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