Issue v0.12 – WANT: Movies

Issue v0.12 – WANT: Movies

Art of Flight

We’re fairly confident that even high-level film cameras can’t give cross-country skiing the full justice it deserves. Across continents, icebergs and night skies, these professional skiiers, most of them suited up in full Quiksilver gear, will embark on trails, slopes and courses no human has ever dared to tackle. If the trailer doesn’t make your jaw drop, the flick itself definitely will.

The Grey

The Grey is legitimate proof that you can’t always prevent disaster, no matter how seamless your initial plan

might be. Starring Liam Neeson and directed by Joe Carnahan, a team of six oil workers are stranded in Alaska. Praise the heavens, a skilled hunter guides them, slowly but surely, to another destination and their safe haven, but this isn’t exactly Balto. A group of fierce – and that’s saying something – Alaskan wolves tracks them down and threatens to overwhelm even the toughest of the human pack.

Broken City

Mark Wahlberg, Russell Crowe and a good-cop, bad-cop movie in midst of a New York City scandal. What’s not to love? Its release is slated for 2013, so be ready.

James Bond: The World is Not Enough
A nineties oldie, but goodie; James Bond’s guns aren’t going to help this icon out in James Bond: The World is Not Enough. His mission: to save and protect the heiress to an oil empire from her ex-kidnapper. Prepare yourself for crop-tops, insanely good hairstyles and action-packed drama in basically every scene.

Let’s not forget Pierce Brosnan, either.

Cool Runnings
One word: LOL. A true underdog in the arena, this Jamaican bobsled team makes it to the Winter Olympics in the 90s, in spite of their former coach being a failed and stripped gold medalist after some shady weight- shifting. Derice, Sanka, Junior and Yul discover what it means to be a team as they race forward, literally, on their quest to finally make their name one to remember. Mostly based on a true story.

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