Issue v0.11 – WANT: Apps

Issue v0.11 – WANT: Apps

Summly – Free

We don’t know about you, but we don’t have the time to manually scroll through news on our Time, Forbes, CNN and Fox News (just kidding – NOTE: Am I allowed to write that? Could be funny.) apps. So Summly’s app is perfect – and did we mention it’s free? Read summaries of the most relevant, hot topics in five minutes, impress your boss, friend or significant other with your current events prowess. Your life just got even simpler.

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Angry Birds Star Wars – $0.99

Just when you thought you couldn’t be any more addicted to Angry Birds, the creators (Rovio Entertainment Ltd.) made a Star Wars version of the same app. Who doesn’t like Star Wars? Use your rebel birds to fight galaxy menaces using lightsabers and lasers to dodge pigs and the dark side of the Force. For just $0.99, this isn’t a bad spend if you love the 80s. Bonus points if you had a Darth Vader sleeping bag as a child. And we can’t be sure, but we have a feeling Luke Skywalker would be proud if you hit a high score.

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Clear (for Mac) – $9.99

Much like Evernote, but for Apple computers only (sorry, Dells and PCs everywhere!) Clear can actually reorganize your entire digital life, making your reality much easier to manage. We recommend taking advantage of Clear’s shopping list and quick notes list – perfect for grabbing that girl’s number when you’re out at a bar without looking too committal. Unleash your inner party planner with a guest list or just create a bucket list for yourself before 2012 ends. Now that’s what we call planning ahead.

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Evernote – Free

Whittle down your to-dos into lists with Evernote. We dare you. Not only can you track, share and record your personal goals, budgets and timelines, but the new version, 5.0 to be exact, offers 25.8 MBs of data, the ability to share files and record notes indefinitely. The fact that it’s free makes downloading the Evernote app just a no-brainer.

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