Issue v0.9: WANT – Mujjo iPhone 5 Sleeve

Issue v0.9: WANT – Mujjo iPhone 5 Sleeve

If a hard case isn’t your style when it comes to protecting your shiny new iPhone 5, these sleeves from Mujjo offer an interesting and stylish alternative.

The iPhone 5 Wallet provides a snug pouch for the device, coupled with pocket to stash cards, cash and headphones. Meanwhile, the iPhone 5 Sleeve is a more conventional way of looking after your investment.

What makes these sleeves stand out is the materials (wool felt and hand-stitched leather) and the Dutch craftmanship and style that went into making them. Mujjo says that its designers built them based around a dummy iPhone 5 made of wood which they created following the strong rumors about the new device that have circulated in recent months. Luckily, those rumors turned out to be true.

If you don’t have an iPhone 5, don’t worry – Mujjo also offers similar sleeves for the iPhone 4 and 4S, iPad, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air… and even the Samsung Galaxy S3.

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