Issue v0.9: WANT – Lapka

Issue v0.9: WANT – Lapka

Ever wondered if the food you were about to indulge in was organic or not, or if there was an easy way of finding out the level of radiation in your home or office? Well you’re in luck because now you can, with a new iPhone accessory called Lapka.

Lapka offers information on environmental factors such as radiation, humidity, electromagnetism and basically, any unseen particles that reside around us.

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It monitors your surroundings and uses a metal probe to check raw food and drinking water for excessive quantities of nitrates, which would reveal the usage of synthetic fertilisers on the app.

Containing a set of four independent sensors, Lapka hooks up to the iPhone and its accompanying app by being daisy-chained together with an adapter that plugs in the iPhone’s headphone jack. Each one of the four sensors carries out its own specific task, and presents the information instantly as a database which you can see on the app. A simple UI makes the data easy to understand.

Lapka is penciled in for an end of year release, costing $220 for the four sensors. It’s a unique iPhone accessory, targeted at the environmentally-conscious iPhone user.

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