Issue v0.9: WANT – GameDock

Issue v0.9: WANT – GameDock

After being much talked-about and rather sought after, the fully-funded Kickstarter project GameDock comes to iOS, much to the delight to gamers everywhere.

Created by Cascadia Games, from the guys who brought you Carvorite and Zombie Karts, GameDock allows you to play supported iOS games on your HDTV and in doing so, brings an ‘old-school’ charm to gaming, creating an NES-style vibe with its two bulky USB controllers.

The process is simple: users dock their iPhone, iPod or iPad, plug the USB controllers into the front and the HDMI cable for their HDTV at the rear. Sit back and get playing! Even if you don’t have a TV, you can check out your gaming skills using the screen real estate on your iDevice.

Despite a few scares along the way, Game-Dock comfortably reached its $50,000 funding goal on Kickstarter. It can be yours for $100, while an additional $25 will get you a pair of USB controllers and an HDMI adapter.

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