Issue v0.6: Lone Frank – Beyond Speech and Gestures

Issue v0.6: Lone Frank – Beyond Speech and Gestures

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I’m sure we’ll see brain-to-machine communication where we control various computertypes with thinking – that is specific brain activity. In our car, our home and so on. 

An important element will probably also be mood-communication: that our mood (reflected in brain wave patterns) will affect our surroundings in order for them to give feedback and for example lift our mood and shape it in various ways. You could imagine that your house picks up on your general mood and seeks to lift it (if it’s down) by turning up certain lights, putting on certain music and so on. 

Dream modification will be another interesting area – the dream we wake up from in the morning largely determines in what mood we start the day. So if that last dream period can be modified in a positive direction through fx soundscapes played softly by your iPhone (by your bed) it would potentially mean a lot for your life, work and productivity.

Whether we will have direct communication brain-to-brain via some sort of implanted or just attached devices I’m not sure. Partly because I’m not sure who would want that. But I’m sure it will be technically possible. 

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