Guy becomes Foursquare mayor, gets free sandwiches for a year

Guy becomes Foursquare mayor, gets free sandwiches for a year

Sandwich shop franchise Silver Mine Subs just finished a contest last Friday that awarded the mayor of each of its locations what it correctly calls “the motherload” – a free medium sub every week for a year.

We heard about this through a Foursquare retweet of this guy who was the mayor of a Silver Mine Subs store at 11:59pm on November 12, meaning that he now gets his 52 free sandwiches. He was so happy, he took a Twitpic of his mayorship certificate:

We talked over the phone to John Wilder, the store manager at the Champaign, IL, Silver Mine Subs that our lucky winner above will be getting his free sandwiches at, and he said the number of people coming in because of Foursquare “wasn’t a lot”, and that the promotion really originated in from the corporate arm of the franchise and ran for about three months.

Sure enough, Silver Mine Subs has the promotion on its Facebook Page as well as its website, as you can see below (visitors also could win subs for a year through a scratch ticket). Of course, with only 727 Facebook fans, this promotion kind of went under the radar (think of the reaction if Subway did this), and even though 52 sandwiches sounds like a lot, in reality that’s like $300, right? So while perhaps not the largest promotion ever on Foursquare, it certainly must be a treat for the winning mayors – especially as they really don’t have to worry about defending their mayorships, as only the mayors at midnight last Friday night could win.

Interesting promotion and just another way that local and national businesses can use geolocation to get people through their doors.

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