MyTown Adds Product Check-ins

MyTown Adds Product Check-ins

MyTown- the Monopoly-like iPhone app with 2.5 million users – parent company Booyah is working hard to ground itself more firmly into the real world. Among other updates in its version 4.1.1 app which is optimized for iOS 4, MyTown users can now earn points and possible real-world rewards by checking into products by scanning the item’s barcode with their iPhone cameras.

This is a very smart and forward thinking move on Booyah’s part, and positions the app very well for the geo-focused future that we believe Apple is preparing for iOS and the iPhone. In a way, this integration brings to mind Get Glue’s iPhone app, which lets you “check-in” so to speak to various media, including movies, books and TV shows.

However, the fact that users have to be physically present when checking into the products means that unless they are going out and buying everything and then checking in at home (which we’re sure the makers of the products wouldn’t mind) they will be scanning the products in-store, which does a couple of things.

First, it allows Booyah to gain more geo-located info. Second, when the user checks into the product this allows Booyah relay offers from the product maker as well as possibly the store the product is in, or even related products or related stores. From the press release on this new feature, Booyah CEO Keith Lee knows all of this:

“It’s a holy grail for marketers and brands to have their target audience actually hold their products in their hands. It’s as close as you will get before point of sale. Not to mention that a consumer’s product check-in history is invaluable data.”

As we said, a very smart for Booyah and one that no only its competitors are/should consider, but one that Apple itself is planning to integrate right into iOS and the iPhone in the future.

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