This ridiculous 1 terabyte SD card can hold more data than your laptop

sd card

SanDisk today announced the world’s biggest SD card, which they claim is the first to pack 1 terabyte of storage.

If you work with 4K or even higher quality video, you’ll be happy to hear there’s now an even better option than the company’s current best offering — their already enormous 512 GB SD card.

The proudct currently still only exists as a prototype, but will probably be released soon. There’s no pricing information available yet, but if the $345 cost of the 512 GB card is taken into account, it won’t exactly come cheap.

sd card

This is roughly what you can store on a 3.2 cm tall piece of plastic in 2016:

  • ~1,250 episodes of your favorite series in 1080p
  • ~200,000 songs
  • ~310,000 photos
  • the data on ~728,178 floppy disks
  • an almost infinite amount of .txt documents saying ‘I paid too much for this SD card’

Meanwhile, I’m writing this on a laptop with a puny 128 GB SSD and realizing that life is unfair.

Western Digital demonstrates prototype of the world's first 1TB SD card on SanDisk

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