This is Indiegogo’s new home for innovative, crowdfunded sex toys


If you didn’t know, there are a lot of people trying to break into the adult toy market with innovative new products. Indiegogo now has a home for all them.

With the launch of Indiegogo After Dark, the website has created a one-stop shop for innovative pleasure makers that are looking for financial backing.

There are already a lot of different projects to be found, like the 3FAP that includes three differently textured suction orifices to play around with.

It’s not just stuff for men, though — the Lioness Vibrator promises you learn things about your body that you’ve never known before.

Unfortunately, crowdfunded projects are notorious for their delays. That can mean you get your product a few months or even a year later. If you’re fine with some delayed pleasure, go ahead and break a leg.

Indiegogo After Dark

Indiegogo launches After Dark collection for saucy crowdfunding campaigns on TechCrunch

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