Basetrip creates the perfect cheat sheet for your travels


Wikivoyage, Foursquare, Wikipedia, AirBNB, Google Flights — there are a lot of websites to check when you’re traveling soon. Basetrip is on a mission to cut the amount of preparation time in half.

When you’re traveling soon, the website offers a concise briefing with all basic information about the country you’re about to visit. The info is broken up in different sections like Currency, Visa Requirements, Electricity and Communication Info. There’s even more in-depth categories like Cost of Living, that show how much the average meal in a restaurant or night at a hotel cost.


To try it out, go to this link to see travel information for France when you’re coming from the US. It shows a comparison between the Euro and US dollar under Currency, and the weather in Paris versus Washington D.C.

One way in which the service falls short is that it’s missing city-specific information. France is a big country with over 66 million people living in big cities like Paris to smaller ones like Marseille — and obviously a lot differs between the two.

I would normally go around and check Wikivoyage for most of this information, but the way it’s laid out on Basetrip makes for much easier processing of the information. And with a lot of travel websites all screaming for your attention, it’s nice to have one place that covers most of the things you need.


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