Acer’s latest gaming laptop looks absolutely horrifying


I love having a laptop because it means I can take my work everywhere. It’s also perfect for watching a movie, edit photos or do other things that don’t work well on a small smartphone screen.

Today Acer released their latest gaming laptop, the Predator 21X.

According to the company it’s the world’s first curved screen laptop, boasting a 21-inch monster of a display. Also, it has some crazy features like Tobii eye tracking so you can move the in-game view with your eyes. It also has a full-size, illuminated mechanical keyboard and a numerical keypad that flips over to reveal a hidden trackpad.

The specs are rightfully ridiculous too: It sports a 7th generation Core processor and has dual GeForce GTX 1080 graphics. To top it off, there’s a subwoofer and a 4.1 sound system inside.


The design of this beast is nothing short of exuberant.

There’s a window in the top left that shows one of five (!) fans spinning in all its illuminated glory. Next to that we have a random decal of a flying ice dragon, because this laptop didn’t look scary enough.

And when you close the screen, there’s a small gap between the keyboard and the screen — thanks curved display!


In general, the machine looks like it’s going to devour everything you have at home overnight — possibly including your children. Calling a laptop Predator apparently means it has to look like the love child of an alien space ship and a Lamborghini.

But let’s be real here: Isn’t this laptop taking it too far? What does ‘portable computer’ even mean when it’s this big and bulky? Is it truly worth it to lug around eight kilograms of laptop to be able to play anywhere? Why not invest the money in building a cheaper (and probably better performing) desktop PC?

I might not be the target demographic for this, but would you buy this laptop? Let us know in the comments.

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