This tool finds you a buddy to motivate you towards a better life

This tool finds you a buddy to motivate you towards a better life

Have you managed to keep your New Year’s resolution so far? Well, if you’re beginning to struggle, Partners in Grind could help you out.

The match-making tool pairs people up so you can help each other achieve your goals. You are a lot more likely to stay committed to something if you have already told someone you would do it. So Partners in Grind plays on that idea to promote the building of good habits.

It’s not always easy to find someone who can motivate you or has the same drive, so Partners in Grind will pick your buddy based on what it is you’re trying to achieve.

It could be anything from getting fit and healthy to learning how to cook or reading more books. The sign up process is easy, you just have to give your name and email (so they can introduce you to your partner) and then answer some questions about what you’d like to achieve.

There are five main areas to choose from – meditation, reading, mastering your mornings, eating healthy and fitness – and once you’ve chosen the one you’re looking to get into, you can set yourself a one-month target.

So, if you haven’t quite fallen off the bandwagon yet, Partners in Grind could be worth checking out to keep on board.

➤ Partners in Grind [via Product Hunt]

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