You can now solve the world’s problems in your pyjamas for cash

You can now solve the world’s problems in your pyjamas for cash

Ever thought you had the answer to life’s big challenges, but never found the right place to apply your talents? Apart from ranting about it on Twitter of course.

Well Solverboard, which modestly claims to be the World’s Open Innovation Platform, went live in beta in December and is offering anyone the opportunity to solve real-life business challenges, for cash.

Credit: Solverboard

Where many sharing economy platforms join buyers and sellers covering more practical tasks, Solverboard aims to help companies solve more complex innovation challenges by tapping the global community.

Each business sets a challenge, time limit and reward, while individuals can post a solution, which is then scored against set criteria, and the winner then hands over the intellectual property for the idea in exchange for a set fee.

Companies can also offer a smaller amount of cash for a ‘part-solution.’

But the platform feels a little like the casualization of the creative process, where a reasonably low £500 fee can be offered instead of perhaps undertaking a more costly and longer in-house research project.

It’s not unlike something like Upwork (which used to be called Elance) although it focuses on a specific, open creative challenge, rather than helping you hire remote staff for project work.

However, although it might be ok for a one-off, it probably isn’t a platform you could rely on for steady work.

It also smells a little of tech solutionism, the belief that anything in life is just a problem waiting to be solved, usually with the right technology fix. Perhaps all businesses need is access to a global network of thinkers, or maybe they need to look closer to home.

If you’ve got ideas, time on your hands and don’t feel like getting dressed today, this could be the job for you. But if you’re worried that creativity is just the next thing to be commoditized, maybe go work on your portfolio.

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