How to access ‘Inbox by Gmail’ without an invite

How to access ‘Inbox by Gmail’ without an invite

It’s been almost a week since Google launched its new standalone email app called Inbox, and still not everyone is able to access it. The invite-only affair remains, well, invite-only.

But the good folks at WonderHowTo have a slight workaround that may expedite your access – but you still need somebody with access to Inbox for this to work, even if they don’t have an invite to spare.

First up, install the Android or iOS app on your device. You’ll then have to get a friend that has been granted access to log in to their Google Account on your phone. On Android, you do this under the main device settings, and hit ‘Add Account’, while on iOS they simply need to log-in via any Google app.


Then your friend must sign-in to the Inbox app with their credentials, whereby they can turn on access for your own account through ‘Manage Accounts’ in the app’s settings.

Don’t forget to remove your friend’s account from your handset, after which you will retain access to Inbox. This worked for us, though it seems that you cannot pass this on to your own friends – WonderHowTo notes that it only works when the official invitee’s account is used in the first instance.

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Give Your Friends Access to Inbox by Gmail Without Any Invites [WonderHowTo – via LifeHacker]

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