Predict Gaze: Because using the remote to pause live TV is such a drag

Predict Gaze: Because using the remote to pause live TV is such a drag

Among life’s many challenges, there’s a terrible problem affecting literally hundreds of millions of people around the globe: when we’re watching television and feel the need to go grab a beer from the fridge, the TV doesn’t automatically know that we’re no longer paying attention to whatever’s playing – a Rihanna music video for example.

That basically means we have to go through the trouble of not only looking for the remote control, but also picking it up and pressing the ‘pause’ button. If that isn’t gruesome enough, we have to repeat that same action when we return, beverage in hand.

This calls for human intervention, and what better use of technological innovation can you imagine? Again, this isn’t an issue for a few hundreds of people, we’re talking scores of couch potatoes, worldwide, that have had to endure this hardship for many, many years.

Santa Clara, California-based Predict Gaze may have finally come up with a solution, after what must have been decades of research.

After watching the video below, I’m certain professional investors from around the globe will be lining up to be able to back this company, and banks will no doubt instantly start competing to become the lead underwriter for Predict Gaze’s inevitable NASDAQ IPO.

Another Silicon Valley hit is in the works, ladies and gentlemen.

In all seriousness, it’s pretty cool technology developed by a tech startup that’s literally working out of a garage in California – but seriously, do we really need this?

Image credit: AFP / Getty Images

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