TNW Asks: What sort of lifehacks are you interested in?

TNW Asks: What sort of lifehacks are you interested in?

We’re revamping the LifeHacks channel here at TNW and want your suggestions. The general category of lifehacks is a broad one, encompassing lifestyle, home, business and just about everything. After all, you’re hacking the stuff you do to live your life, right?

I’ve been a hacker since I was a kid, always rigging up something to make things more efficient or easier. Perhaps it is counter-intuitive, but spending time setting something up can often make your life easier. In other words, a little up front work will allow you to be lazier! Or focus on the stuff that really matters.

With this in mind, I’m interested in what lifehacks TNW readers are interested in. Of course, this is all filtered through the lens of tech, so we’re going to be writing up hardware and software — but what kinds? Do you want info on health sites and ways to interact? Or are you interested in how technology can help your family? Perhaps business hacks would impact you the most?

Let us know in the comments and in a week or so we’ll let you know the results. Not only that, we’ll state the mission of the LifeHacks channel so you know what we’ll be covering month-to-month.

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