Do you run, cycle or walk to work? There’s a new type of members club just for you

Do you run, cycle or walk to work? There’s a new type of members club just for you

Founded by cyclist commuter Piers Slater, H2 is a club located in Soho, London with an awesome twist. Founded with commuters who run, cycle or walk to work, H2 Soho is the first club of its kind in the city, and the first of many to come.

H2 was born out of Slater’s personal need to find a place that accommodated his own on-the-run lifestyle, and rather than continue to put up with facilities that didn’t really cater to the health conscious commuter, he decided to come up with a solution himself. The gym has been custom designed, and its features well thought out, ensuring everything that an active commuter might need is at their disposal.

H2 provides shower and changing facilities, bike parking and much more. Commuters can freshen up in style, without having to worry about where they’re going to park their bikes in tight-quartered Soho. And the space is not only an oasis for commuters, it’s also a fully fledged gym with Spinning, personal training, massage and sports injury treatments and even bike service and repair.

The existence of a gym like H2 could be all the encouragement that some might need to ditch their car or public transport in exchange for a healthier, more environmentally way of getting to work.

There are tons of advantages to be had when getting to work with a healthy commute. Not only are you making a positive contribution to your surrounding environment, it will do wonders for your health.

Studies have shown that excercising first thing in the morning can kick in your metabolism and keep it up there for hours, helping you burn calories long after you’ve sat down at your desk. Getting to work in the morning on your bike or with a morning run will also help you throughout your work day. Starting your day with exercise can keep you energised, motivated, keep you in a good mood, and can even help you concentrate.

H2 provides three membership options, Individual, Corporate or Pay as you use, with a range that is flexible enough to suit any kind of lifestyle. H2 is all that’s needed to spend your day at the office smelling like roses, no matter how you chose to get there.

To find out more about H2, check out the video below:

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