What to Do When the Modem Lights Go Out

What to Do When the Modem Lights Go Out

Over the weekend I moved into a new apartment. Unfortunately, my Internet connection didn’t move as smoothly as all of my furniture did. I’ve spent the weekend relaxing, but without the Internet or television — other than what is on my phone.

The experience led me to realize how much I relied on the Internet on a day-to-day basis. I remember when I was younger and the power would go out for a substantial amount of time, I would always wonder how people survived before electricity. Internet has become as much of a utility for me as electricity.

So what do you do when the lights go out on your modem? Here are some tips for ways to take advantage of your technology during the downtime.


For the first time in quite some time, I have sat down and played through the single player parts of my video games. Online gaming has become such a dominant part of the market that I had forgotten about the single player campaigns of games I own.

It’s easy to forget about video games forefathers: card and board games. If you’re alone, they might prove difficult to play, but it’s a great excuse to call over some friends and interact with people in person for a change.


Once the network comes online again, you will probably be back at your computer, so why not take this time to reorganize the files on your computer? You can uninstall old apps, delete useless documents, all without the distraction of stopping to surf the net.

It’s also a good time to organize your computer hardware. Tidy up your USB hub that has turned into a rats nest of cables or find that perfect position you’ve always wanted your monitor.


I rely on services like Netflix for my movies but if you have a lot of DVDs that you have been putting off converting to digital formats, there’s no better time to get started on that.

Many of us have great TVs but haven’t taken the time to calibrate them properly. There are many great DVDs that can help you do this, and it doesn’t take long to do.

Probably the best thing that you can do during your downtime though is to get outside the house, enjoy some spring weather, meet with friends, and just relax. What do you like to do to pass the downtime?

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