How to watch Al Jazeera on your TV in the US

How to watch Al Jazeera on your TV in the US

Whatever your political affiliations, you must have heard of the plaudits that television network Al Jazeera earned during the Egyptian uprising. While many US networks were focusing on celebrity haircuts, Al Jazeera was on the ground, covering the revolt blow-by-blow.

The perceived quality discrepancy between what Al Jazeera offers and what can be easily found on most American television sets has set off calls for the network to become widely available in the United States. The good news is that if you have the right hardware,  you can watch Al Jazeera on your TV right now, so let’s get started.

Using a Roku Box

Don’t have a Roku box? Go buy one. Make sure to pick up a unit that costs either $80, or $100. Those are the ones that will work with this guide. Install and set up the Roku box, we’ll wait here.

Once you have the unit linked up and turned on, go ahead and select the ‘Channel Store’ button from the home page. Once there, find and select the Newscaster channel. Install that bad boy to your home screen.

Once you have done all of that, select and launch the Newscaster from your home screen and then select Al Jazeera. You are all set. Put your feet up and learn.

Using a Google TV

If you don’t already have a Google TV, we recommend buying the Roku box. A Google TV set up will run you $300. Whatever the case, if you want to buy one or already have one, get your Google TV all set up so that we can get going.

Once you are ready, tap the button on your keyboard that has a magnifying glass. In the search box that comes up, search for “al jazeera live stream.”

From the page of results, select the Al Jazeera live stream website. Boom, enjoy the show in HD.

Right, now go forth and be informed.

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