Tip: Browse the Web faster with Google Chrome Instant [Video]

Tip: Browse the Web faster with Google Chrome Instant [Video]

Chrome Instant is a feature that was rolled into the latest stable version of Google’s browser. If you spend a lot of time on the Web, it’s worth switching on as it can really boost your productivity.

Like Instant search on Google.com, it loads your searches instantly. However, the genius feature is that it loads web pages before you’ve even finished typing in the URL. So, just type in “www.f” and it could take you to Facebook, for example. We find that it works better and faster the more you use it, although do note that if you’re on a slow connection you may find Chrome Instant isn’t quite as useful as it could be.

If you add up all the untyped characters, Chrome instant has saved this blogger quite a lot of time in the past few days, so give the feature a try and see if it makes your life a little easier too.

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