Optimize the standard YouTube player with DVD-like controls

Optimize the standard YouTube player with DVD-like controls

embedplusYou’d think the YouTube player would have more options by now, controls similar to what’s available on a DVD remote, things like skipping scenes and zooming would be nice options to have.

A free service called EmbedPlus aims to fill the void of the missing features within YouTube’s basic player and brings users options like scene marking, annotations,
with additional tools such as slow motion, and the ability to read the video’s real-time commenting from YouTube within the player.

To begin customizing a video, users simply provide EmbedPlus with the URL from YouTube. After that, adding a few scene markers and notes (annotations) is an easy process because it embeds the original video within the page enabling users to reference the time stamps or points that should be marked as scenes.

What we didn’t like: It’s not a big deal but if we had to nitpick, the design of the annotations are kinda lame and we’d like to see a more creative and more attractive use of video notes.

Why it’s cool: EmbedPlus is a useful tool for content creators, bloggers and anyone who shares video on the web. And, giving your viewers the option to skip scenes as opposed to snipping out scenes with services like snipsnip.it offers more value to your visitors.

We’ve created video with EmbedPlus to show you how it works, if this is the first time you’re viewing this video, enjoy. Enter the Egyptian hypnosis.

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