“The Kindle Unswindle”: How to remove its DRM

“The Kindle Unswindle”: How to remove its DRM

My Amazon Kindle is one of my favorite devices. But for two computer hackers, the Kindle’s DRM (digital rights management) technology that blocks users from accessing its copyrighted material, was too enticing to leave alone. By removing the device’s DRM, you can read your purchased Kindle books on any device and share them with friends.

Two hackers with a weekly Justin.Tv show called Too Smart Guys created the following video detailing how you can remove the DRM (Direct Rights Management) from a legally purchased Kindle. To do it you’ll need The Kindle for PC Application (or virtualized windows or Wine), Python v. 2.6.4., the Unswindle Python script and supporting mobidedrm.py script. Watch this video for step-by-step detailed instructions.


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