How to Crop YouTube Videos in Seconds

How to Crop YouTube Videos in Seconds

Both and Splicd bring users an easy way to quickly crop out sections of YouTube videos by simply inputting the video’s url and time stamp.

Using both and Splicd, I was able to alter and crop (or deep link) my favourite news blooper in seconds to display the best part “Boom goes the dynamite”.  Obviously none of this is groundbreaking stuff but considering the amount of videos I’ve personally received with time stamp notes appended, it stands to reason that these services might not be common knowledge among social media enthusiasts.

If you’ve been guilty of sharing lengthy videos that only contain a second or two of relevant information, these services may be perfect for you and they’re both free. It might also be of some value to bloggers, by using / Spicd, only vital information is shared, a bit cleaner than adding time stamp instructions into the video’s caption.

Sure, using code, there’s a way to embed YouTube videos at a certain segment in the video however, not everyone wants to mess around with embed codes.  And even if you are a coder, these services are capable of generating the embed code quicker than you.

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