How To: Get the new YouTube homepage

How To: Get the new YouTube homepage

In case you missed our post about it, YouTube has been experimenting with an idea for a new homepage. It’s a more centralized version, focusing on making sure that you don’t miss anything, but don’t see the things that you’d rather miss.

Want to take a look at the new version? All you need to do is head over to this link to get it enabled: Just click the “Go For It” button and you’ll be in new homepage heaven.

Of course, there’s a whole list of explanation about what YouTube is doing, but what you really care about is how it looks, right?

As you can see, the new layout is a lot more central. It has recommended videos, channels you might like and even shows your own uploads right on the homepage. Give it a shot. Chances are that you’re going to dig it. If you don’t? There’s a well-displayed link right at the top to give your feedback.

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