Geeks don’t let geeks have boring Ikea furniture

Geeks don’t let geeks have boring Ikea furniture

Okay, raise your hand if you have furniture from Ikea in your place. Yeah I thought so. Hey, I’m writing this post on an Ikea desk! A good bit of the furniture in our place is from Ikea. In general, the furniture is good quality (good, not awesome), functional, and …


Come on face it, if you’ve seen one Billy bookcase or Pax wardrobe you’ve seen them all. Now what if you could easily add some really cool color, graphics, and art to your furniture? What if you just had to peel and stick? I thought that would get your attention.

So we found MyKea from Brittany Bohnet’s blog and man this is cool. It’s, essentially, Gelaskins for your furniture!

Say you have a Malm dresser and the basic white or wood look, just isn’t doing it for your decor. Cool, you go over to MyKea, pick Malm, then choose your design:

And order and then a set of vinyl stickers come in the mail for you to stick on! Yeah, don’t worry the instructions that are several notches more understandable than what comes in the standard Ikea box.

The Amsterdam-base company looks like they have quite a thing going. Personally I love putting Gelaskins on my devices, like my iPod:

So doing the same for my furniture isn’t much of a stretch.

The designs run from about 12 Euros to 140 Euros (depending on the size of the stickers needed, full-sized Pax wardrobes are most expensive, small Lack coffee tables the cheapest). I looked through the site and while putting the stickers on seems easy, and cleaning sounds like no problem, there is nothing in the FAQs talking about removing the stickers if you want to mix things up. That’s one of the bonus points of Gelaskins; being able to pull off the covers without leaving goo behind. If the stickers use the same vinyl 3M sticker product that Gelaskins uses, I’d guess you’d be able to pull the stickers off pretty easily, but I highly doubt any finish below will look quite the same afterwards.

Have a look and tell us what you think about MyKea

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