45 things you didn’t know about Brazil and Latin America

45 things you didn’t know about Brazil and Latin America

In 2011, TNW published a report comparing Brazil and the larger Latin American area. It contained gems such as the fact that the GDP of the city São Paulo was larger than the combined GDPs of Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, and Paraguay.

South America is a rising continent, with growing political and economic clout. TNW hosted its first event in Brazil last year. However, in the English-speaking world, the entire locale can be opaque.

Happily the group that compiled the prior report – Fnbox – has done it again, putting together a 45-page slide show on the continent’s finances and figures. If you are a business person, it’s required reading. I personally had no idea that per capita disposable income in Latin America is 2.5 times higher than that of China.

FNbox was nice enough to send it our way, enjoy:

For reference, here is the 2011 report:

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