Brazilian social city guide Kekanto unveils new visual identity and social badges

Brazilian social city guide Kekanto unveils new visual identity and social badges

Brazilian social city guide Kekanto has unveiled a new visual identity and updated its iOS and Android apps. The changes were first announced last month in a series of closed events the startup organized in the 11 Latin American cities where it operates.

Following the UI refresh, Kekanto’s symbol is now a star, featured on its app icon and new logo. In addition, top contributors are now also known as “Stars” and will gain access to new features aimed at helping other users find the best places in town.

As for the rewards system, it went through a complete reshuffle. One of the most interesting new features are the Social badges that  users can now send to fellow ‘Kekanteiros’.

Here are a couple screenshots of the redesigned Kekanto in its iPhone version:

As you may remember, Kekanto  received Series A funding from Accel Partners and Kaszek Ventures to boost its expansion across Latin America; it currently has operations in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Chile. As for its CEO, Fernando Okumura, he was recently nominated as one of Brazil’s five best co-founders during TNW Startup Awards (see our previous interview).

At the same time, the company has also been working on building strong user communities. Not only were they first to know about the new version, but they also wrote a manifesto.

Known as “Manifesto dos Kekanteiros,” it summarizes in 8 points the key rules and missions of the community. The last item on the list gives a good idea of what Kekanto is collectively aiming for: “use technology to improve people’s life and make it easier.”


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