Evernote enrolls Socialatom and SclBits to expand across Latin America

Evernote enrolls Socialatom and SclBits to expand across Latin America

The note-taking platform Evernote is expanding into Latin America, the company announced. This isn’t a huge surprise; in November 2011, the startup launched operations in Brazil while making it clear it was just a start.

As a matter of fact, its application, which boasts 24m registered users, already has leverage across the region. In Latin America only, it currently counts 800,000 users – a growth that the company now wants to actively foster, with the help of its general manager for Latin America, Luis Samra. Here’s what he said:

“Latin America is an extremely important region for Evernote, [which will] likely be a key application for the region, particularly considering the explosion of the mobile and smartphone market, which are becoming the main access point to the internet. It will change the way that people store and share information.”

To promote its regional expansion beyond Brazil, Evernote will also be working with Socialatom, which will be handling its PR and social media operations in the region’s four main Spanish-speaking markets: Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Argentina, in partnership with SclBits.

Both social media specialists, Socialatom and SclBits are run by online influencers with a deep knowledge of the local digital market. Headquarted in Miami, Florida, Socialatoms has several offices across Latin America, while SclBits is based in Mexico (see our previous story about its co-founder Oscar Yasser, aka Akira).

Socialatom’s vice-president Hernando Barreto is a firm believer in Evernote’s growth across Spanish-speaking countries:

“[Evernote] has the same potential that Facebook has in the Latin American region and Facebook has grown exponentially in the last couple of years, namely in Colombia, Mexico, and Argentina– the same countries on which Evernote will focus,” he said.

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