Endeavor introduces Innovation Panel to promote entrepreneurship

Endeavor introduces Innovation Panel to promote entrepreneurship

Endeavor is launching a new event in Brazil called Innovation Panel, the global entrepreneurship support network has announced. Scheduled to take place in Rio de Janeiro on March 15th, the one-day event will be accepting applications until February 18th.

The purpose of this new event is to give ten shortlisted entrepreneurs a chance to pitch their businesses to a selected audience of 150 experts, entrepreneurs and investors.

After a ten-minute presentation, they will answer questions and listen from its feedback from the panel, which includes well-known VCs and angels such as Edson Rigonatti from Astella Investimentos and Rafael Duton from 21212, to name just a few.

Candidates can apply now through the event’s website. According to Endeavor, its selection will be based on the following criteria:

  • Level of innovation guaranteeing a competitive advantage in the long term;
  • Growth potential;
  • Entrepreneur’s profile;
  • Turnover of up to R$50m per year (US$29m).

Fifteen semi-finalists will be interviewed, and Endeavor will select ten finalists among them on March 2nd.

Besides pitching their own projects, the winners will also be invited to listen to keynotes by Embraer‘s founder Ozires Silva and Fernando Reinach from the investment fund Pitanga. According to Endeavor, the event will be live-streamed on its Brazilian website, www.endeavor.org.br.

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