About Twitter Counter

Twitter Counter has over 1 million monthly visitors and collects the data of over 180 million Twitter accounts from users all over the world. We strive to give our users the best possible experience when using our service, with a keen focus on esthetics and data-driven tests to improve the overall UX of Twitter Counter. There is plenty of room to come up with impactful changes and designs that will improve the way many thousands, if not millions, of users use our service.

For the past 5+ years we’ve been successfully delivering information, analysis and recommendations to our users based on an enormous amount of Twitter data we’ve been gathering and processing. Figuring out what to develop, effectively delivering new features, communicating well with our users and bringing in quality traffic takes some serious skill – across the board. That’s why we insist on working only with the very best and most talented development, design and marketing rockstars out there. Oh, and did we mention we work in the heart of Amsterdam, at the hottest office in town together with The Next Web? You now have a unique opportunity to join us, learn a lot and have an impact.

The internship

You will work with our talented team of designers, developers, marketing and support pros; You will analyse twittercounter.com, then put together and design a variety of UX components  that will improve how our users interact with our service. You will also be responsible for analysing the User Flow of Twitter Counter in order to put together a number of recommended changes that will impact a variety of KPI’s, such as retention or conversion rates.

About you

  • You’re studying in the field of Communication & Multimedia Design, Interaction Design or another related field.
  • You’re fantastic at spotting UX and Usability hickups and have a good understanding of best practises.
  • Great eye for detail, you’ve marked the spelling mistake(s) in this job description already.
  • You consider yourself to be a designer, a creative one at that, and are skilled with Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator.
  • Passionate about the internet and web-app design trends, you have a rather solid view of how things should be designed well.
  • You’re an excellent investigative analyst and can put together a Usability Recommendation report without any issues.
  • You have a firm grasp on HTML & CSS, as well as know your way around front-end script languages like Javascript (native, and frameworks like jQuery), so that you could start implementing certain changes right away.
  • You live in Holland – we work in Amsterdam together with The Next Web.
  • You are comfortable speaking English throughout the day. Spanish is a bonus. We are quite an international team.

Want to apply or need more information?

To apply for this internship, please get in touch with Joey van Ommen and send us your resume (CV or LinkedIn, and portfolio) and a nice letter. If you have any questions about the internship, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Joey either.